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About Cody Air Conditioning & Heating Inc...

Cody Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. provides home owner services that cover:

♦  Air Conditioning Units
♦  Air Handling Units
♦  Geothermal Systems
♦  Heat Pump Systems
♦  Furnaces
♦  Duct Systems
♦  Filtration / Indoor Air Quality Systems
♦  Control Systems

Our Services Include:

Emergency Repairs
We provide a qualified service technician to evaluate and repair, your system . Our service technicians carry replacement items that are commonly diagnosed as the cause of system failures and in most cases are able to return the system to operational condition during the visit.

Maintenance Plans
Inspections are performed every 6 months (Spring / Fall) covering:
♦  Check thermostat
♦  Clean or replace standard air filters
♦  Inspect blower components for operation
♦  Inspect electrical connections and correct
♦  Check lubrication of moving parts (if applicable)
♦  Check and adjust pulleys and belts (if applicable)
♦  Check/clean condensate drains on A/C components
♦  Check evaporator and condenser coils (chemical cleaning of coils at discounted rate)
♦  Check refrigerant charge pressure and Schrader valves for leaks
♦  Check motor start/run power (AMPS)
♦  Check fan operation
♦  Inspect and test electrical disconnect and safety controls
♦  Check accessible plenums and ducts for air leakage
♦  Check system air balance (adjustment at discounted rate)
♦  Check system operation

System component replacement
Components wear out or break, it’s a fact of life and when they do it may be economical to repair the existing unit. For older units however replacement of components is often a false economy as other unit components are also likely to be worn out. We evaluate the unit and replace components required and give an assessment of the likely future reliability of the unit, to enable informed decisions to be made by the customer.

System replacement
We supply most major brands of equipment and can offer replacement of older system equipment to suit your needs and budget. Replacement units that offer improved efficiency through energy star rating should be considered for the life time cost savings and improved control in household temperature and environment. It is always important to remember that when replacing individual equipment such as the outside condenser unit that the SEER number only refers to that item and to gain the full efficiency increase all components of the HVAC system would need to be replaced.

System upgrade
We can improve the performance and efficiency of your home system with a system up-grade. When evaluating the new system, it is important to consider the new unit efficiency and total cost of ownership. Significant savings can be made over the lifetime of higher efficiency systems . As part of the up-grade a complete review of the system size requirement is undertaken together with a review of the air duct sizing; since these are often the cause of a loss in efficiency that effects the cost of operation. Upgrades can also be made to the system control and filtration equipment for improved air quality.

New installations
We work with general contractors and home owners to provide complete new systems installed for optimum efficiency and home comfort. We can provide systems to specification or plans and also work to insure complete satisfaction.

Indoor Air Quality
Improve your safety and home environment we offer installation of hospital grade filtration systems such as IQAir systems, also duct sealing and CO2 detectors,

Maintaining Your System
Cody Air conditioning and Heating Inc. recommends that home owners perform simple periodic maintenance to insure the efficient operation of their air-conditioning systems. These include:
♦  Check that the outside condenser unit has a clear path for air flow unobstructed by plants etc. and that the coil face is kept clear of foliage and debris that can block airflow. Visually check for nesting insects that can cause blockage to the airflow or cause problems with the electrical operation of the unit.
♦  Change filters regularly. It is important to use at least MERV 11 filters as this type will intercept the majority of dust , pollen etc. from entering the system.
♦  Check vents to keep air path clear from dust etc. Check for signs of condensation which is often a sign that your system has a problem that needs to be addressed.

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